Write a 4 – 5 page essay (double-spaced) on ONE !!!of the below topics. Make sure to support your arguments with reference to specific historical processes and events. You may want to provide a clear definition of globalization in your paper.

Be sure to cite a wide range of primary and secondary sources from the class, including the assigned readings, optional readings, textbook, and lectures. You are expected to use at least one reading from the “optional readings” list on the syllabus. Use of sources outside of class, including Wikipedia, etc, is strongly discouraged.

Cite sources using Chicago-style footnotes ( (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)).[1]

What were the most important forces encouraging and discouraging globalization between 1830 and 1950?
Who (or what) gained and who lost from globalization between 1830 and 1950?
How did humans around the world think about diversity between 1830 and 1950? How did these ideas differ across individuals and cultures and over time, and what were their impact on globalization?
In what ways did the extra-human world – including food, animals, technology, etc – shape globalization, and how in turn did globalization change the extra-human world between 1830 and 1950?

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