Globalization Case Study

You are a senior executive of a firm that is seeking to expand globally. The CEO has tasked you to develop a Business Plan- During this case study,
analyze the pr oduct/service that you identified in Global Business Plan Activity #1-
For this case study, the CEO asked you to analyze the best approach for establishing the facility for your global product/service- If you are studying
a product, you might propose to open a manufacturing or distribution plant- If you will provide a global service, you could study the best way to
establish a call center or service center.

Review Chapters 8, 13 and 14 of your Global Business Today text- For each of the following entry modes, (a) describe the approach, (b) discuss the
general pros and cons, and (c) analyze whether the entry mode might be a good choice (or not) for your product/service- Use Table 13-1 on page
381 as a guide-
-Tu rn key Project
-Joint Venture
-WhoIIy-owned Subsidiary
Finally, propose one entry mode for the country you have identified in your Business Plan- Explain your rationale-



Sample Solution