In the first part you are to take the Personality Test as prescribed by the instructor. The link to the test is provided on Blackboard. Take the test and reflect and answer EACH of the following questions in essay format:
1. Discuss the results of your test and what you learned that is NEW about yourself.
2. How does each characteristic on the Personality Type scale show up in your relationships with other people; and working with other students? Be specific with examples.
3. How do any of the characteristics show up in your important decisions and choices? Give Examples.
4. Based on this, discuss the areas where you can make healthy growth changes. For Example: Which characteristic would you like to develop more or minimize? Explain WHY?

The second part of this assignment is to set a goal and discuss it in essay format as follows:
1. Reflect on and describe in detail a personal or professional goal for developmental growth that you would like to achieve this semester as a senior.
2. Discuss WHY this goal is important to you.

This part is already done in the file uploaded, it has the information needed to continue part 2
Part Two: Goal Achievement (2 Pages )
In this segment of the assignment you are to write a paper towards the end of the semester about how you achieved your goal. The paper should answer the following questions:
1. Discuss the goal that you set for yourself and how you reached it.
2. Give examples.
3. Discuss any challenges you faced pursuing this goal and how you overcame these challenges.
4. How does the new growth you achieved help you in your professional career or future goals?
5. Discuss how your knowledge and understanding of the Myers-Briggs characteristics may have been a part of helping you reach your goals.

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