Goddess of Tradition

Much of the interest in goddess tradition focuses on the images and symbols of the goddess found in different cultures. You are asked to research a specific historical goddess myth/story or set of interrelated myths that convey information about a specific goddess. That is, choose a goddess account and provide a description of her deeds, her psycho-social characteristics and how these are portrayed in images and/or symbols, and her cultural functions. You are to then analyze and reflect on the meaning and context of the story in relationship to her culture and/or religion.

Some questions you may want to answer in this paper: What themes or ‘dramas’ are being played out in the story? Whose description is being presented? Whose interests are being served by this goddess? Is this goddess a liberating model for woman (why or why not)? Is she liberating for men (why or why not)? Is she relevant to today (why or why not)?

There are many places where you can find stories of goddesses reproduced. It is better if you consult works that contain primary sources (direct translations, anthologies of textual material, etc.) A perusal of bibliographies of secondary sources will certainly help lead you to primary source material.



























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