“Good Country People “

Use “Good Country People ” to answer the questions below:
Each question below needs to be its own paragraph 5-8 sentences

(Explore a predominate theme in the short story- “What is it about?” “What does it add up to?” “What does it
make of life, and what wisdom does it offer?” Is there an overall purpose that holds the story together?”
(List three symbols found in the story. Symbols in literature may be certain characters and certain things in the
story that stand for more than themselves or hint at larger meanings; that is, we feel that they are symbolic.
Minimum of 430 words
The stories for this week both feature main characters that try to “escape” what is happening around them.
Pick one of the stories you read for this week or last week… explain (using direct quotes from the story-a
minimum of two direct quotes ), and use a minimum of 8 sentences
Also, you need to include internal citations for all direct quotes:
The story is set in the church , and he is sitting with his aunt during the last night of revival , when the pastor
asks, “to bring the young lambs to the folds,” ( Jones 121).

Sample Solution