Your outline should contain the following elements in the following order (keep in mind that your presentation, Assignment #3, should be 10-15 slides, so you need to be concise and clear with your information – some information researched will be written on your slides but most will be narrated in the audio portion of your presentation):

I. Introduction Section – this section must contain the following:
A. Topic selection and reason for selecting
B. Thoroughly define the disease/condition
C. History of the disease/condition
II. Content Sections – this section must contain the following four main topics (the subtopics are recommendations to use if appropriate to your disease/condition):
A. Statistics/Epidemiology:

  1. Statistical prevalence (e.g. overall, gender, age)
  2. Types of distributions (e.g. frequencies, patterns)
  3. Types of determinants (e.g. causes, risk factors)
    B. Financial Costs:
  4. Costs to the individual/family
  5. Possible costs to society
  6. Loss of productivity
    C. Anatomy & Physiology/Etiology:
  7. The normal and abnormal structure & function behind the disease/condition
  8. Cause(s) of the disease/condition
    D. Diagnosis/Treatments/Prognosis:
  9. How this disease/condition is diagnosed (e.g. history, exam, diagnostic imaging, labs)
  10. How the condition/disease is treated (e.g. traditional medical treatments, alternative methods of treatment)
  11. The prediction of this disease/condition’s outcome (i.e., prognosis)
    III. Conclusion Section – this section must contain four to six sentences that sum up the main topics of the outline.

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