Governance, Leadership, and Management

Which leadership style works best with your personality? Should you change your leadership style to meet the needs of others?

What type of youth development program would be most beneficial for your community? What would it take to get this program off the ground?
What are the pros and cons of the Every Student Succeeds Act? Do you think this act should be abolished?

How can having access to an airport increase your opportunity to globalize?

Planned giving programs are essential to the long term sustainability of nonprofit organizations yet many organizational leaders fail to develop
planned giving program- Discuss some of the reasons why this happens- What are some of the challenges a fundraiser would face in beginning a
planned giving program? Discuss how you would address these challenges- Your response should be 200-300 words-

Many nonprofit organizational leaders make use of donor management software to track donors and develop strategies to increase their level of
giving- Research some of the software choices organizational leaders have- Describe the purpose of the software and discuss whether or not you
believe this software is essential to the success of a donor recruitment and retention plan- Comment on whether or not you believe technology could
be beneficial in fundraising- Your response should be 200-300 words-

There are a variety of metth fundraisers use to “ask” for gifts from potential funders- Research some of these metth and identify one- Discuss
how and when you would use this method- Describe what you would do to sustain your relationship with the funder after you have received the gift-
What are the potential challenges you will face? Your response should be 200-300 word-

A fundraising team may include many different committees, volunteers, and Board and staff members- Discuss the importance of each group of
members, i-e-, Board of Directors, Fundraising Committee, staff, etc- Discuss how the role of each differs from the other. In post, answer this
question: What are some of the unique responsibilities of the Board of Directors? Comment on whether or not one group is more important than
another when it comes to a successful fundraising program- Your response should be 200-300 word-

Review Case Study 9: Ethical Considerations in Fundraising in Understanding Nonprofit Organizations: Governance, Leadership, and Management-
Address the following questions in this case study:

Should nonprofit organizations have guidelines on what types of companies they solicit for sponsorships and contributions?

Once an organization’s reputation has been tarnished or called into question, how does the organization, whether guilty or not, restore its rightful
image and reputation?



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