Grammar as Protest

Explore the relationship between Jeff Chang’s use of slang in We Gon’ Be Alright, and answer this question to focus your research: “Beyond the normal attention brought by breaking rules, what purpose(s) does the use of slang serve in Chang’s work, We Gon’ Be Alright?” As an example beyond the title itself, consider the following two quotes from Chapter One, “Is Diversity for White People?”: “{Trump’s] ham-fisted ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan-so prosaic and dull next to Reagan’s ‘Morning in America’-seemed designed for bro-style first-pumping…” (11) and, “Trump descended from the air and air waves to talk shit*” (12). You might discuss the added weight of the term “bro” in an election cycle that saw “Bernie Bros” pitted against most other camps, including Trump supporters. You might dig into how “talking shit” is an activity found more on the street than at the podium, and then, tell us whether these language choices obscure or illuminate the audience’s view of the subject. What is being revealed or subverted, emphasized or downplayed or omitted, and are the choices ethically justifiable or irresponsible? The type of thesis will have the kind of specific focus on Chang’s language as I illustrate here. Dig deeper, not wider.

Sample Solution