Grand Masters Plc

The scenario
You have been employed by Grand Masters Plc to provide professional Quantity Surveying services for
their residential housing development. GM have decided to adopt traditional procurement strategy as
they intend to construct a typical high quality residential building. Copies of the design are attached to
this brief.
a) Produce a manual detailed take-off for the project in accordance with NRM2. Make allowance
for a prime cost sum of £2,850 for M&E and provisional sum of £12,000 for external and
security works. Your submission should include taking-off list, and query or assumption list.
b) Prepare a detailed bill of quantities for the construction of the house in accordance with NRM

  1. Your submission must include a preliminary bill (where only project details and maximum of
    8 priced items to be considered) and the main building. You are required to use QS software or
    Ms Excel [20%].
    c) Prepare a take-off using QS software for the substructure only. In not more than 200 words
    produce a reflective report on manual and software measurement (take-off) [15%].
    Civil Measurement
    a) Produce a manual detailed take-off for the concrete retaining wall in accordance with CESMM4
  2. You are expected to use the CUHarvard referencing format. For support and advice on how this
    students can contact Centre for Academic Writing (CAW).
  3. Please notify your registry course support team and module leader for disability support.
  4. Any student requiring an extension or deferral should follow the university process as outlined
  5. The University cannot take responsibility for any coursework lost or corrupted on disks, laptops
    or personal computer. Students should therefore regularly back-up any work and are advised to
    save it on the University system.
  6. If there are technical or performance issues that prevent students submitting coursework
    through the online coursework submission system on the day of a coursework deadline, an
    appropriate extension to the coursework submission deadline will be agreed. This extension
    will normally be 24 hours or the next working day if the deadline falls on a Friday or over the
    weekend period. This will be communicated via email and as a CUMoodle announcement

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