Graphic organizers/Lesson Plans

Part 1: Using the graphic organizer format attached or a graphic organizer that you create, develop two (2)
curriculum organizers – one fiction and one informational/non-fiction. The text can consist of picture books
and/or chapter books (Grades 4-7). Each organizer must have five learning activities for each content area
included on the organizer. One of the content areas must include an arts study and/or arts experience in
dance, music, theater (drama), and/or visual arts (Refer to sample organizers).
Part 2: Using one (1) of the completed organizers and the attached lesson plan format, develop three (3)
lesson plans. One lesson must be in the area of visual/performing arts, the second lesson must be in the area
of English/Language Arts, and the third lesson plan in another content area (math, social studies, science).
Each lesson plan must include strategies for differentiating instruction, assessment for monitoring student
learning, and rubrics for scoring.
Use Delaware Curriculum Standards or Common Core State Standards in the lesson plan.
The attached documents are samples of acceptable work.

Sample Solution