Green, Yellow, Red: State APN Practice Privileges and Prescriptive Authority

Discussion Prompt

Determine your states practice environment color – green, yellow, or red.
Discuss how your states is an independent practice or practice restricted state.
Describe the prescriptive authority for your state.
(For California Students) Review the CA Standardize Procedures requirement of NPs and discussion the meaning of Standardize Procedures (California BRN – Standardized Procedures Guideline) .
(For States other than California Students) Identify one (1) barrier to practice and a strategy to address the removal of the identified barrier.
Review the American Association for Nurse Practitioners ‘State Practice Environment’ Map and determine your states color – green, yellow, or red.

Review a second time the Nurse Practice Act in your State for Advanced Practice to assist you in answering the questions in the discussion.

Sample Solution