Group Evaluation

Group Evaluation
It has probably become clear by now that a successful data analytics project requires collaboration with others, from learning about the concerns of an organization to discovering what truly occurs within the organization and identifying the data that is available. You have worked closely with some of your colleagues on the course project. While it is not exactly the same as working on a data analytics project within an organization, many similar interpersonal skills are required to collaborate successfully.
evaluate the participation of each member of your group. Note that only your instructor will see your evaluations of your colleagues. Address topics such as whether each attended scheduled meetings or participated effectively in asynchronous group discussions in the private discussion area, how they shared ideas and provided feedback on others’ ideas, whether they received feedback well, and so forth.
List each colleague by name and provide at least one paragraph discussing that person’s participation in the group.
Include a paragraph discussing your experience working in the group. Was it beneficial? Were there challenges?

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