You have been hired by a large Canadian firm (Maple Leaf Foods Inc. ) as a consultant. They are looking at their internationalization strategy for the next several years. This can include aspects of internationalization all along the value chain. This can include (but not be limited to) R&D, Procurement, Production, Distribution, Marketing & Sales (including marketing entry and expansion), service, and other secondary value chain activities. You are to recommend an internationalization strategy for them.

Part 1
1. Find a global industry. Analyze that industry using MarketLine Advance intelligence reports for the industry
a. You may find industry reports at the:
i. Global level
ii. Regional level
iii. Country specific level
2. Find a major Canadian firm in that industry (there may be a Canadian industry report to help you identify key Canadian players)
a. Find the MarketLine Advance intelligence report for that firm
b. Analyze the report for that major Canadian firm.
3. By the time you have finished Part 1, you will feel comfortable that you have extracted as much information as you need from MarketLine Advantage. If you would like to go beyond MarketLine Advantage, you may do so. However, I would like you to stay with intelligence reports. I have listed several that MacEwan subscribes. I would recommend that you stay within MacEwan subscribed datasets. (You can grab graphics and small bits of information from other sources, but the project is to also get you familiar with intelligence reports).





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