Group Manuel

You have decided to start a new psychotherapeutic group and need a manual. Instead of finding one, you are going to write your own! Decide on a focus for your new group, considering age, type of group work, mental health issues to be addressed, and so on. You can choose any type of group you would like: process, self-help, psychoeducational, and so on.

Ideas for coming up with a group:

What’s missing in your community?
What kind of group do you wish you had as a parent or caregiver?
Ask your preceptor if they conduct group therapy and know of any group therapy needs in the community.
What kind of patients does your preceptor specialize in (such as eating disorders)?
What is something you are interested in that you could see yourself conducting a group in after graduation?
What vulnerable populations are in your community?
Over the next nine weeks, you will develop a comprehensive manual detailing your development of this group. This is an opportunity to be creative while grounding your proposed group in the established research and literature on group work and your target population.

Sample Solution