Growth vs Fixed Mindset

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Be sure that your responses are adequately thorough and detailed. Some of the answers may just be fill-in the blank while others clearly require more detail and full sentences. It might be helpful to take notes while watching the video in order to appropriately answer the questions below. Keep in mind that the questions are asked in order of the video’s progression, making it easier to identify the answer.

Most of the answers to the questions below come directly from the video. There are a few questions which are considered “Personal Reflection” questions and are thus indicated as such in parentheses to avoid any confusion.


1.How does the video define the “growth mindset”?

2.According to Carol Dweck, why do “some people succeed while other people, who are equally talented, do not”?

3.How does the video describe the basic difference between the fixed mindset vs the growth mindset?

4.“Dweck’s work shows that mindsets have a major influence on people’s ability to _.”

5.According to the video, what industries are implementing growth mindset coaching and instruction into their organizations?

6.According to the speaker, what is the reason the teachings on growth mindset are “so important and powerful”?

7.Describe belief as a defining characteristic between the fixed and the growth mindsets.

8.Describe focus as a defining characteristic between the fixed and growth mindsets.

9.The speaker continues, by asserting, “these mindsets and characteristics have a huge influence on our ability to learn,” based on how they impact the “four key ingredients to growth.” What are these four ingredients?

10.Describe each of these four areas as they pertain to a fixed mindset.

11.Describe each of these four areas as they pertain to a growth mindset.

12.Describe how the key characteristics of the fixed mindset connect to our actions and behaviors towards learning (i.e., “the four ingredients to growth”).

13.Describe how the key characteristics of the growth mindset connect to our actions and behaviors towards learning (i.e., “the four ingredients to growth”).

14.According to the speaker, are you just “one or the other” when it comes to the fixed or growth mindset? Please elaborate.

15.According to the speaker, which ones come first- the mindsets or the actions?

Now Answer the following Personal Reflection Questions based on the information learned about growth and fixed mindsets thus far.

16.How did your parents, teachers, coaches, bosses, etc., praise you over the years? Did they tell you how “smart”, “talented”, or “good” you were, or did they focus on how hard you worked? (Personal Reflection)

17.How do you praise others? (Personal Reflection)

18.Is there someone in your life (a family member, friend, significant other, boss, co-worker, etc.) with a fixed mindset – someone who won’t take risks, who can’t admit mistakes, who falls apart or gets defensive after setbacks? Do you understand that person better now? Please elaborate. (Personal Reflection)

19.How do you act towards others in your professional and personal pursuits? Are you a fixed-mindset person, focused on being better, smarter, etc., than others? Or do you take advantage of the learning opportunities available to you through your peers, coaches, counselors, bosses, etc.? Or does it vary depending on the context, task, person, situation, etc.? Please elaborate. (Personal Reflection)

20. Describe a difficult transition in your life where you fell into a fixed mindset and lost confidence in your abilities to grow, learn, and adapt to the new challenges? (Personal Reflection)

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