Harmony at Home Idea

1) In “What We Really Miss about the 1950s”,Coontz suggests that an uninformed nostalgia for the 1950s could promote harmful political agendas. What connections do you see between her analysis and the campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” or other recent political stances or events? Do you agree with Coontz that nostalgia can be dangerous? Why or Why not?

2) This is from “THE COLOR OF FAMILY TIES: RACE, CLASS, GENDER, AND EXTENDED FAMILY INVOLVEMENT by NAOMI GERSTEL AND NATALIA SARKISIAN”. Explain why you agree or disagree with Gerstel and Sarkisian’s claim that “social policy should explicitly aim to rectify economic disadvantages” (para. 20). What would this abstract language mean in practice?

3) What is Larissa MacFarquhar’s main argument in “When Should a Child Be Taken from His Parents?” Do you agree or disagree with her?

4) Do you think that the parents of Nicole (“Becoming Nicole…) got it right as parents dealing with a transgender child? What do you think would have been the best course of action?

Sample Solution