Section 1; Short answer:

  1. What is a beach budget(1 pt)
  2. Sketch the water cycle (1 pt)
  3. What is the vadose zone how is it different to the zone of saturation? (1 pt)
  4. Explain biochemical oxygen demand? ( 1 pt)
  5. What is eutrophication? ( 1 pt)
  6. What is bauxite? (1 pt)
  7. What is peak oil? (1 pt)
  8. What is geothermal energy? (1 pt)
  9. What is liquefaction? ( 1 pt)
    Section 2:
  10. Do you think human activity has increased coastal erosion. Give examples. ( 3 pts)
  11. Describe the factors affecting runoff and sediment yield? ( 3 pts)
  12. Explain the difference between a confined aquifer, unconfined aquifer and artisan
    well. ( 3 pts)
  13. If there is a sewage spill in to a river how will the dissolved oxygen and biochemical
    oxygen demand be affected. Explain and sketch the relationship. (3 pts)
  14. How do Earthquakes cause Tsunamis? What is a Tsunami? ( 3 pts)
    Section 3:
  15. Describe the engineering structures used to limit coastal erosion. You should
    include a sketch. Scanned images will not be accepted.(5 pts)
  16. Saltwater intrusion in the UAE groundwater table is a major problem. Describe
    how this problem happens you may use sketches. What measures could be taken
    to prevent this? (5 pts)
  17. Describe the types of mining and their impacts. (5 pts)
  18. Describe the acid rain problem. Why did it happen? What was the impact? How
    was the impact limited (5 pts.)
  19. Describe the ways in which humans can cause earthquakes. ( 5pts)
    PGEG451 Environmental Geology Spring 2019
  20. In order for the UAE to meet its climate change targets the UAE must divest from
    hydrocarbons and diversify the economy towards greener energy sources. Discuss.
    (5 pts)

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