HBR Case Study

Read the HBR case study “Building Innovation into the Outsourcing Relationship: A Case Study.”
Align the theories and strategies discussed in Chapter 12 in the text and this weeks lecture and provide a
comprehensive assessment of the situation faced by Bentley & Brooks (B&B) (the client) and AlphaCorp (the
Do not just provide a summary of the case study.
Identify situations to specific to the case study and outsourcing.
How could innovation be used to improve performance and the outsourcing relationship in Latin America?
Would you recommend future outsourcing arrangements with other service providers to ensure B&B would get
innovation and CI where it is needed?
Would a single model across all outsourcing arrangements work?
Should B&B adopt different models for innovation in outsourcing?
How would B&B work more cooperatively with outsource providers to achieve innovation?

Sample Solution