Health and Well Being

  1. Define Health and Well-being (general definition). Then define in three different developmental stages
    (what it looks like and how each one differs). Be sure to include YOUR specific developmental stage ( age
    41) as one of the three defined areas.
    (example areas to cover: nutrition, exercise, education, relationship, etc.)
  2. The rest of the power point will concentrate on your developmental stage ( age 41) Please define social
    and cultural expectations and how they impact health and well-being.
  3. Define and discuss barriers to making healthy choices.
  4. Define the differences between time management and prioritizing. The explain why this understanding
    relates to one’s health and well-being.
  5. Develop a ‘road map’ of implementable steps that will aid in your quest for healthy choices as it relates to
    your personal, professional, and educational journeys (ie. more sleep, exercise, organized calendar, watch
    more ted talks etc.).explain how you are going to implement and why it is important.

Sample Solution