Health and well being

Four factors that influence happiness: personal, social, economic, and ideological. Choose one finding from each factor and discuss how it has (for better or for worse) affected your happiness (the score you ended up with on the PANAS and/or SWLS). So, for example, a personal factor could be the personality trait of extroversion. If you feel you’re highly extroverted, you’d discuss how this has contributed to your happiness (i.e., increased or decreased positive or negative affect or increased or decreased your overall satisfaction with life). Also, for each, be sure to reference empirical work where possible. So, using the example of extroversion, you might choose the Diener and colleagues (1992) study that showed regardless of circumstances extroverts check out happier than introverts. Finally, discuss what happiness means to you. In doing so, comment on whether you feel these measures capture the construct for you. Or do you feel something is missing?




Sample  Solution