Health Information Privacy and Security – Mobile Device Focus

In Chapter 10 Knowledge Management is reviewed as a key component in a highly functioning healthcare organiza!on.

“The purpose of knowledge management (KM) is to translate the HCO’s complete knowledge resource to improvement of its strategic purpose…The purpose is inescapably !ed to the EHR…modernized, interconnected, and vastly improved system of informa!on delivery that supports excellent care across the stages of pa!ent need and across mul!ple healthcare providers. KM supports the EHR, but also the full scope of evidence-based management–measurement, benchmarking, process improvement, goal se”ng, and rewards-for all HCO units, not simply the clinical ones.” pg.321

Through your research paper you have reviewed and been exposed to some key components associated with the electronic side to knowledge management. You may have reviewed and used Chapter 10 in your paper.

Security is a big part of knowledge management in healthcare. There are many laws and rules, both federal and state that must be followed. The Pandemic has made healthcare a bigger target for large scale phishing a!empts and ransomware a!acks. Security is a priority in any business today but it is a top priority to protect PHI in healthcare.

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