Health literacy

Explain what health literacy is and why it is so important to nurse’s and health care professionals overall. Can you explain a specific example of a time when you, a family member or a friend experienced a problem with health literacy in a healthcare setting? Make sure to provide sufficient detail.

Go to the CDC 2030 Health People website (you can find the link in this Module under Health Literacy or google it). What is the relation between health literacy and the Healthy People 2030 Initiatives? Choose at least 2 of the objectives outlined in the Healthy People 2030 Initiative in relation to health literacy that you feel would be most appropriate to address within the community where you work and/or live. Provide a detailed explanation of why you chose these two objectives in relation to your community.

Describe three specific interventions that could address the 2 health literacy objectives you identified. It is important to integrate your understanding of the community in relation to those factors that are integral to your community (cultural norms, socioeconomic status, health education status, English language fluency, etc). Make sure to support these interventions with rationales of why you believe these interventions would be effective in your community; essentially integrating your personal and professional understanding of your community into the discussion.

Sample Solution