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For this assignment, you will be selecting one relationship skill for personal development, and research ways that you can make improvements in this area.

First, rate yourself in three relationship-skill areas: collaboration, coaching, and conflict resolution using a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being the worst rating and 10 being the best rating). Explain your rationale for each of the three skill areas. Use workplace examples to illustrate your explanation for each of the three areas; if you do not have work experience you may use personal examples. Describe how these skills could apply to your current job or a future position.

Next, determine which particular skill area you want to work on further for your professional development (Physical therapy – for elderly patients). Research the library for at least one journal article that would be helpful in making improvements for the relationship skill area you want to improve. Consider how you could monitor your progress to confirm improvement of the skill (i.e., time frame, who to obtain input from to check progress, periodic self-appraisal).

Prepare a 1.5-2 page body double-spaced paper, utilizing critical thinking skills to address the following areas:

  1. Review your personal rating for the three relationship skill areas. Each explanation should be at least one paragraph long. You may use workplace or personal examples to illustrate your rationale.
  2. Describe how these skills apply to your current position or a future job opportunity. Determine one skill area you want to improve.
  3. Show application of library research that can help with your professional development to improve the one skill area that you would like to work on. You will also need to share ideas and include plan steps on how you can achieve and monitor your skill development progress.

Sample Solution