Healthcare and Life

What was your top specific learning takeaway(s) (focusing on one is fine; more are acceptable but not
required) from the required readings (index below) related to “Future Forward Agility: Mastering Disruption and
Resilience (describe in a few words)?
For your takeaway(s), please explain:
the major concept(s) you learned;
b) why were they a meaningful learning for you; and
c) describe your ideas about a potential practical, real‐world example or application of the knowledge you
You may include open questions you formulated for future study and development.
Top health industry issues of 2021: Will a shocked system emerge stronger? PwC Health Research Institute
pwc-us-health-top-health-issues-2021 (1).pdfPreview the document
Disruption in Healthcare and Life Sciences 2021. Heidrick & Struggles
Disruption_in_Healthcare_and_Life_Sciences_2021.pdfPreview the document
Top 10 Medical Technology Hazards of 2021 Show Impact of Pandemic. HealthLeaders Top 10 Medical
Technology Hazards of 2021 Show Impact of Pandemic _ HealthLeaders Media.pdfPreview the document
Global disruptions
Risk, resilience, and rebalancing in global value chains — Executive summary. McKinsey Global Institute Riskresilience-and-rebalancing-in-global-value-chains-exec-summary-vF.pdfPreview the document
Risk, resilience, and rebalancing in global value chains – Full Report. McKinsey Global Institute (long – for
deeper information only) Risk-resilience-and-rebalancing-in-global-value-chains-full-report-vH.pdfPreview the
Building agility and resilience
The disaster you could have stopped: Preparing for extraordinary risks. McKinsey & Company The-disasteryou-could-have-stopped-preparing-for-extraordinary-risks-vF.pdfPreview the document
Meeting the future: Dynamic risk management for uncertain times. McKinsey & Company Meeting-the-futureDynamic-risk-management-for-uncertain-times.pdfPreview the document
Healthcare Forecast 2021: 10 Trends Board Members and Senior Leaders Must Know. The Governance
Institute 2021 Healthcare Forecast-Gov_Inst_VALENTINE-MASTERS.pdfPreview the document
Building The Resilient Organization: 2021 Deloitte Global Resilience Report. Deloitte 2021-ResilienceReport.pdfPreview the document

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