One of the National Patient Safety Goals is to prevent infection. As a nurse working in a healthcare facility, Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) have very profound effects on healthcare. There are several purposes for this assignment. Firstly, to help the student understand about the concepts of Infection Control, Safety, Caring, and Advocacy. Secondly, to help the student become more familiar and comfortable with using school technology resources, librarian and library resources, different data bases and APA format.
• Write a two to three (2-3) page paper (excluding the title and reference pages) in which you will do the following:
a. Describe and explain HAIs.
b. Choose one of the specific HAIs and identify the etiology and those individuals who are at risk for developing this HAI.
c. State the latest statistical data concerning this HAI.
d. Describe safety measures utilized by healthcare facilities to prevent, decrease or potentially eliminate the spread of HAIs.
e. Explain the role of the nurse in decreasing the spread of HAIs and how the nurse demonstrates caring and advocacy for the patient.
f. Reference a minimum of two (2) research articles, one (1) book, and two (2) web resources.
g. Resources should be no older than five (5) years.
h. Use APA format; be sure to include title page and references (the title page and reference page do not count toward the page limit on the paper length).
i. Submit your paper via email by Monday June 2022 by 0800.

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