Healthcare law

answer the following questions according to the power points attached only.

  1. Based on the PowerPoint only, “Current Health Care Legal/Regulatory Risks and Issues,” discuss and show
    your understanding of four current legal issues and/or regulatory challenges.
  2. Based on the following Dr. Pete PowerPoints: Advanced Planning and the Health Care Proxy; Family Health
    Care Decisions Act; and The New York State’s New Palliative Care Information Act, what purpose do they
    serve to expand the rights of New Yorkers to make advanced planning decisions?
  • Based on the following Dr. Pete PowerPoints:
    • Liability and Emergency Response: Theories of Liability and Theories of Defense
    • Crisis Standards of Care
    • Assessing Liability for Health Care Entities
    • COVID 19 and Pandemic Liability
    • Nursing Home Liability During a Pandemic Crisis
    Answer the following questions:
  1. Discuss theories of liability and basis for defense for a long-term care (nursing home) healthcare provider in
    a negligence case related to the COVID – 19 pandemic. You must use a specific long-term care example to
    explain theories of liability and defenses.
  2. Define and discuss Crisis (Alternative) Standards of Care and how they relate to liability of healthcare
    providers when responding to claims made against healthcare providers in relation to a pandemic.

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