Healthcare Management Staffing Job Search


For this assignment, students search true to life job boards (i.e. Career Builder, indeed, and etc.) for jobs they truly hope to have one day (or currently). You may even find a job posted directly on a company’s web page. Next, the student will formulate experience they’ll need to have to make them the best candidate for the job. The assignment should consist of 4 major components:

-The student’s current resume. (I have attached my updated resume to this assignment)

-Provide the link to the job posting. I recommend doing a screen grab/capture of it because the HR team may delete the job after it has been filled. Post the screen grab and the link.

-The student’s self-assessment of themselves:
-Act as if you were the hiring manager and discuss some strengths of the resume and some
reasons you would not even invite yourself into the office for an interview.

-Examine the competition
-Discuss other possible candidates for this job and focus on the skills/experience someone you
know could have right now/today to make them a better fit.

-Applying the textbook’s concepts
-Heavily utilizing information from this course’s textbook chapters 7 and 8, discuss what you feel
are the biggest issues tied to successfully filling open positions and retaining workers. This is a
really good points where students can easily use external information from credible sources to
help justify the response. (Powerpoints with chapters 7 and 8 topics are attached to file)

Sample Solution