Healthy People 2020 Disease Health Disparity PowerPoint Presentation

The purpose of this PowerPoint project is to identify a vulnerable population and explore opportunities to prevent disease and promote health indigenous to this cohort. Healthy People 2020s aim is to improve the health of our Nation and one of its goals is to eliminate health disparities. This PowerPoint project will familiarize you with Healthy People 2020 initiatives targeting best evidenced-based practices. In addition you will gain expertise in academic instruction creating an educational program for your classmates. Pender, Murdaugh, and Parsons (2011) reported “In spite of the improvements in health in the United States in recent years, disparities in health between the majority (white) population and minority populations persist (p. 287).

Guidelines for PowerPoint:

1. Familiarize yourself with the Healthy People 2020 web site in our course webliography

2. PowerPoint to include Title slide, minimum 10 frames, include APA references

3. Identify a population and Health disparity which is found in your work setting (Example breast cancer in Black American women)

4. Conduct a literature search in the Keiser online library using scholarly sources and provide a brief history of the medical condition inherent in this group including health promotion screening and prevention opportunities

5. Provide statistical information to include comparisons to other populations if applicable

6. Explore evidenced-based cultural values, characteristics, and communication

7. Examine why health disparities exist in this population

8. Provide culturally competent heath promotion activities aimed at health promotion and disease prevention for your population (See Pender et al., 2011, Table 12-2)

9. Explore health literacy as it applies to your population (textbook)

10. Suggest a political means to advocate for your at risk population

11. Post your PowerPoint by Wednesday week 7 in the threaded discussion (Submit this assignment for grading no later than Sunday of week 6)

12. Have fun…..and learn something new to share

Meets Course Objectives:

?Examine the concepts of health, disease, health promotion and disease prevention.
?Explore professional organizations and web sites which partner and provide resources for health promotion and disease prevention.
?Compare and contrast major theoretical foundations to promote health, wellness and prevent disease.
?Examine health promotion strategies targeting the prevention of chronic disease.
?Synthesize broad ecological, global and social determinants of health; principles of genetics and genomics; and epidemiologic data to design and deliver evidence-based, culturally relevant clinical prevention interventions and strategies.
?Design patient-centered and culturally responsive strategies in the delivery of clinical prevention and health promotion interventions and/or services to individuals, families, communities, and aggregates/clinical populations and individual work settings.
?Advance equitable and efficient prevention services, and promote effective population-based health policy through the application of nursing science and other scientific concepts.
?Use epidemiological, social, and environmental data to draw inferences from reliable organizations regarding the health status of patient populations and interventions to promote and preserve health and healthy lifestyles and prevent health disparities.

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