Healthy Relationships

Complete a 10- to 12-page single-spaced outline for an 8-session psycho-educational/growth group on healthy
relationships. The group is on Healthy Relationships and will utilize a Person Centered group therapy
approach. Outlines should be single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font. Attach a References page at
the end with APA citations for all sources utilized throughout the outline. Attach activities or materials (if
applicable) as appendices. References and appendices are not included in the page requirement.
Curriculum Guidelines:
Begin the paper with a description of the group
Homeless Transitional aged youth Ages 18-22 , group size 6-8, on site at residential facility sessions lengths 1
hour, closed group for house members only, optional
Generally, each session should have a one-page outline:
Overall goal and focus of the session
Teaching points
If applicable, materials to be used (concise descriptions)
Group activities (briefly describe)
At least three questions that would be the target for growth
Take care to ensure that the focus, teaching points activities, materials and questions are consistent with the
Person Centered methodology.

Sample Solution