Hector and Andromache (The Iliad )

Using the scene between Hector and Andromache In Book 6, beginning where they first meet above the Scaean Gate near the great tower of Illium and conceding when Hector leaves to go back to war, write a 4-5 page essay in which you demonstrate how this touchingly domestic interlude among, husband wife and baby son, is emblematic of the deep conflict in Hector over ‘arete’, the honor code of the warrior-aristocracy, and what we might term ‘aidos’, his sense of duty to his beloved wife, to the survival of his family and to the future of Troy. How do the words of Andromache, and even the actions of baby Astyanax, serve to challenge Hector’s warrior-honor? Might Andromache be suggesting a new kind of ‘domestic’ arete’?—the the honor of the family, intelligent strategies and survival of the generations?— a tomic”arete’, perhaps? Explain in detail making references to the text to support your argument.



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