Henry David Thoreau “Walking” (1862)

This second paper mirrors the first paper in that you will utilize later primary sources located in your textbook under the headings “Going to the Source? Primary sources are directly from the direct time frame the event happened- diaries, letters, newspapers etc. See and read the primary sources on the following pages of your textbook (9th edition): 259, 287, 310, 343, 369, 395, 418, and 455. Select four of these to write on (The four you find most interesting). Summarize the information that is related in these short passages. Then, most importantly, provide your analysis as to whether these primary sources are historically valuable in helping to understand the past and history in general. Are they historically worthy? Are they biased? What can one learn about history from these primary sources? Have an introduction paragraph listing your chosen sources by title and explaining the purpose of your paper in summarizing and analyzing these sources. Summarize your first chosen source and then and provide your analysis of the source. Repeat that procedure for your next three chosen sources. Have a conclusion paragraph listing your sources by title again and provide final thoughts on all four sources and your primary source investigation in general. You should end up having approximately four pages or so of writing, About one page per sources along with introduction and conclusion. 7) Compare your sacred space with Chartres Cathedral. Find at least two similarities and two differences Discuss how these similarities and differences relate to the function of these spaces. Your two spaces obviously support different religions, so this difference should not be one of your answers.




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