Heroin Epidemic


This needs to be about the epidemic of the drug and how it is effecting New York and Long Island as a whole . I have added the outline that needs to be followed. Also please add the book named Higher achiever : The shocking true story of one addicts double life. Also a personal interview with Kevin Alter from the addiction Diary website ( recovering addict) Also please just give questions I would ask while doing the interview . Use the articles I have given you in the outline and also add more sources.

Drug Epidemic on the Long Island

• Definition of drug addiction: addiction refers to anything that tends to interfere with a person’s life resulting in negative impacts and also negatively affecting a person’s relationship with other people.
a. An outline of the everyday life of an addict:
b. Sources of drugs
c. Sources of income to buy the drugs
d. Effects of lack of drugs

• Interview with Nick Geiser on his life as a drug addict. The interview will be conducted using questioners.
Sample questions
i. Brief details of the interviewee, for example, the name and age?
ii. How did you start the habit of drug use?
iii. Is there anyone else in his family who has had a history of drug abuse?
iv. The effects that drug use has had in your life?
v. Is there a history of an attempt to quit drug use?
vi. Would he wish to quit drug us?
• The shocking story of one addict’s double life: Tiffany Jenkins
• An outline of the thesis statement: drug epidemic in long island.

ii. BODY 1
• A brief history of the drug epidemic in the long island:
a. Background information on the long island and the challenge facing the island which in this case is heroin use?
b. Factors contributing to the increase of heroin use in long island?
c. Those most affected by the issue of drug use in the area? This should include the age and the gender.
d. The effects of drug use among those affected in long island

iii. BODY 2
• Combating the crisis or epidemic of drug use in long island
• How many arrests are made? provide statistics on the number of drug users and offenders that are arrested and the specific areas where the arrests are made.
• How do the courts work in the prosecution of the drug users?
a. The various types of drug crimes
b. What are the penalties for crimes involving substance abuse?
c. The different types of defenses in drug crimes?
• Strategies and solutions that are in place to combat the drug epidemic in long island.
a. Eliminating stigma associated with drug addiction that makes the drug users fear seeking help.
b. Creation of more treatment centers for the drug addicts.
c. Initiating an awareness campaign that is aimed at educating the young population on the facts of heroin use and its effects.
d. Introduction of an anti-curriculum that is to be taught in schools to discourage the young population from getting involved with heroin.
e. Increase access to the emergency overdose antidotes for heroin users to prevent cases of deaths due to heroin use.

a. Suffolk County officials in the long island should consider opiate addiction treatment part of the youth treatment to help in ensuring that heroin withdrawal symptoms are more manageable.
b. Encourage and offer the appropriate for schools to implement the evidence-based drug abuse prevention strategies.
c. Identify and address the misuse of the prescription drugs.
d. Educating the parents on how to identify heroine us among their teens even when they do not show symptoms on linked to heroin addiction.
e. Encourage the use of Suffolk County police drug-sniffing dogs during school locker inspection
f. creation of heroin task force that composed of policymakers, health educator’s parents and the people of New York to help in the creation of plans and policies to bring the heroin crisis under control.

Restate thesis and solidify new ideas

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