Hidden reasons behind the cryptic nature of the Cisco IOS

So, the question is why? Are there some hidden reasons behind the cryptic nature of the Cisco IOS? Isn’t it time for Cisco to join the modern age with its management interface? What are some of the specifics you like (or dislike) most about the IOS in its current state?
NOTE: Although it is not taught as part of the routing curriculum, Cisco DOES offer an alternate PC-based GUI interface not available via the router/switch console called the Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP). If you are interested in trying it, there is an optional lab available within NetLab for you to do so: Configuring Basic Routers Settings with CCP

• Give us your honest, brief opinion of the Cisco IOS.
• Would a GUI be a better or worse choice as an interface?
• What would be the advantages/disadvantages of Cisco changing the IOS interface in terms of security, ease of use, etc.?
• Make sure you conduct research for your post by either using class content or from the Web. Be sure you cite your source(s).

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