Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape is a study of the American political landscape

  1. Analyze the report and provide a one paragraph summary in your own words about the purpose and the
    findings of the report. Avoid dismissing groups based on names of the sub-groups but instead focus on the
    descriptions of each group’s values.
  2. Describe the seven groups of the political electorate in detail from the report. Provide a description and
    concrete examples of what each group is about. Include data from the charts and graphs in the report. Start
    with the groups that do not resonate with you. Explain what they stand for and why that does not speak to you.
  3. Describe the group(s) that spoke to you. Which group(s) best represent your viewpoints and values when it
    comes to the political landscape? Explain why with thoughtful examples.
  4. Describe your thoughts on the polarized state of the American political landscape. Is it an urgent cause for
    concern? Do you believe the polarization of American politics is getting better or worse? Provide concrete
    examples to support your opinion.
  5. Finally, from the report and from your own critical analysis, what might help heal this great divide and allow
    the country to work to successfully address societal issues and serious threats?

Sample Solution