What two aspects of mythology are you going to compare? Are you comparing two different mythological cannons (ex: Greek vs Babylonian) or creating a comparison within the same mythological canon (ex: Hesiod vs Ovid or Hades vs Zeus)?
What is the specific focus of your comparison? The focus of your comparison has to go deeper than just determining “the correct version of the myth.” You are not going to be able to compare everything, no matter how interesting or tempting it may be. Therefore, you need to try your best to narrow down what specifically you’re looking to compare.
Now, this is the crucial part. How do you think your comparison changes the way we understand the relevance/meaning/importance/etc of myths, archetypes, tropes, etc in the world? In simple language, what do you hope to prove by creating this comparison and undertaking this particular line of inquiry? What are the unique insights/ideas/perspective you bring to your particular project? The answer to this question will form the basis for your thesis statement in your final paper. a brief description of each side of your comparison. This is basically where you provide a crumb of background information about each side of your comparison (not a whole lot, just enough to get a general sense of what is being compared in your project).


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