Historian Barbara Jean Fields on the United States Constitution of 1787

  1. Historian Barbara Jean Fields argues that as a result of the United States Constitution of 1787, which failed to abolish slavery, the Civil War was inevitable. In contrast, writer Shelby Foote contends that the Civil War occurred because Americans failed to do what they do best – compromise. In your opinion was the Civil War inevitable? Defend your position with evidence and specific references to the events and issues that led up to the war.


  1. How did the market revolution help link the country together, while simultaneously increasing the nation’s sectional differences?


  1. Would George Washington, who died in 1799, have recognized the United States of 1865? Defend your position with specifics.


  1. Compare and contrast the ideologies and visions of the Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans. How did these ideologies inform social, economic, and political developments in the United States from the 1790s through 1815? Did either of these visions for America’s development predominate during this period?

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