Historical Characters

Historical Characters

It is true that, in as much as most people today view the Revolution from a Patriot’s point of view, most Americans during that time were not Patriots. Some were devoted Loyalists whereas others were moderates. The latter chose to remain neutral for various reasons. Still, one would find Patriots who gave all they had for the course of the war. Below, different historical characters are assumed, and relevant persuasion made.

Loyalist (Georgia Frontiersman)

I have chosen to pledge my loyalty to the king because his government provides me with protection as a frontiersman. In order to succeed in our endeavors, it is important that the tribal Creeks, Seminoles, and Cherokees be taken care of in terms of policing. The central government pays the officers who maintain law and order in our frontiers. I cannot afford to be disloyal to the very administration that handles my welfare, always acting in favor of me. The forts from where I earn my bread cannot be safe without the king’s input. This is the very reason I must show my support, even moral, for the central government. Whenever there has been trouble, the king always sends in police and troops who restore order.  He has shown his loyalty to me in that regard, something for which I must pay back. I can only do this through my own loyalty to him.

If anyone is a moderate, they should consider being Loyalists. Understanding the central role the king plays in maintaining peace, law and order in our frontiers is enough motivation to do this. The colonial easterners cannot raise taxes that would go into paying colonial militia in the frontiers. In addition, they are opposed to paying taxes that the central government would use to pay police officers and troops. If the king is not supported by all means, the security of our frontiers would be in a bad state. No progress will be made, be it social, economic, or political. All have to be loyal, for it is only then that we will be assured of security. Patriots should understand and appreciate what the central government has been able to do for them and shift camps.

Patriot (Non-citizen Soldier)

When we landed in America three years ago, my friends and I had hoped to get employment in the cotton belt from where we would go on and make enough money to buy our own land. It was our that we would be granted the liberty to move from farm hands to free men after working for the men who brought us to America. Coming from Europe, we are not treated like slaves- we are higher in the pecking order but lower than the land owners. When the civil war broke out, I decided that joining the Patriots offered me the best chance to accelerate my process of settling in America and owning land. It’s been five months and a huge majority of the Native land owners have left the battlefield. Bruised and disheartened by the huge casualties, they have left us (the Non-citizen soldiers) to tough it out in the field. This war presents the best opportunity for me and those like me to own land in this country and finally, grow our own cotton for the big mills.

One of my friends has joined refused to take part in the war and is now ranked with the moderates. While we both want to own land, he feels that he stands a better chance by owning land and trading with the loyalists. My appeal to him is that the loyalists and patriots are going to clamp down on his type. His only chance for getting land is by joining those fighting for it-the Patriots. This is war, and apparent weakness and indecision have totally no place here. It is also important that my friend understands that the Patriots hold the advantage of fighting on home ground. They are, therefore, likely to win this war.

Moderate (German)

Leaving Germany for Pennsylvania was a decision hinged on the hope for a better life in America. For me, the war has been a huge disruption to my plans. I would prefer that everything remains as it was before with any contentious issues being deliberated upon at a negotiation table. However, the war presents a unique business opportunity for trade, especially with the loyalists. The challenge is that the Patriots are arresting us and making us labor for them.

To my compatriots thinking of joining the patriots, I urge them to stay away. The patriots are killing those of us from Germany and destroying our trading ventures. While the situation might work out for them, and they end up owning land, it is also likely that they will get killed in the war. It is also possible that they get injured and maimed that owning land will not be nearly enough to compensate them for their loss. For those looking to join the loyalists, my concern is that they might get killed in the war. The second concern is that anyone joining with the loyalists will destroy any chance for owning land in America. Currently, it must be acknowledged that the war loyalists are fighting Patriots on their soil. It is, therefore, most probable that they will lose the war. In the event that the loyalists carry the day, business will be hard to do since the war is destroying the infrastructure fast. The last reason why I urge my fellow Germans to stay away from the loyalists is that this war does not concern us. We neither serve the Queen nor the American land owners. We are Germans whose only business is the pursuit of profit.