Historical Dividend Analysis of Target Company

Prepare and submit a historical dividend analysis of your target company in power-point or similar software. Your target company should be a US listed public company, mid-cap or small-cap in size, that pays a dividend. For the definition of Midcap, select a company that is less than $14B in market cap. In the video, I suggest $12 Billion but giving you a little flexibility to find a company you are interested in by going a little bigger. Remember, it must have paid a dividend in the past! This is an individual exercise.
Assignment Overview
Objective: Analyze how the firm has returned cash to shareholders
Historical Dividend Analysis

Identify how much the firm has paid in dividends over the past 5 years?
How much stock has the firm repurchased over the past 5 years?
Has the firm paid a special dividend?
What is the firms dividend yield? How has it changed over the past 5 years?
What is the firms payout ratio? Has it been consistent?
Compare the firms dividend yield and payout ratio to the industry (or its top 3-5 competitors).
Summarize and provide any other comments that you feel are relevant to the firms’ dividend policy.

Sample Solution