Historical precedents

Write a 3-5 page paper discussing the historical precedents for your work. Sometimes it is hard to consider ourselves as a part of a historical continuum, but that is indeed the case with all [trained] makers. You must identify, locate, and research movements, artists, designers, ideas, social developments, and practices from the past, that share important aspects with your work, process(es) and practice. Research and discuss how makers, materials, events, movements, etc., that predate the last half century (roughly 1970 and before) fit into their own time and place, and how and why they relate to you and yours.

Identify how your work fits into this historical continuum and why it is relevant in that context and today. Do not merely state historical facts relating to artists, designers, craftspeople, filmmakers, poets, etc., or entire movements. Really explore these ideas and how they relate to you and the work that you make. This should display a depth of understanding of the precedents and your continued development of these ideas.

Consider the history of your craft, materials, techniques, and methodologies if applicable. If you are working in the crafts, and that history plays heavily into your work, do not neglect that in your research. Also though, do not limit yourself to a history of your specific creative field. Perhaps it is more appropriate for you to be researching a historical or political movement than the history of your material. Or perhaps, for instance if you are a photographer working very carefully with light, there are painters who would elaborate aspects of your work through comparison, along with other photographers.

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