Historical Witchcraft during the Renaissance

I chose topic B. for my research paper, which is writing a paper based on research into 1. Historical Witchcraft and the witch trials of England 2. the play, The Witch of Edmonton

  • attached is a word document named “research proposal” In class, each of us had to discuss in a little more detail what we are going to delve into specifically. I would like you to use the three paragraphs at the beginning of the document as a general guideline to write the paper.
  • within the same file “research proposal” there is a direct link to a PDF copy of the play. Use this to cite quotes (MLA) from the text. There are also some history facts in the introduction of the book as well. That can be used for the paper.
    -within the same file “research proposal” there is a copy and pasted “blog” that the teacher sent over to us. This has tons of information about what the research paper should contain. The history of witchcraft in the paper should ONLY COVER 16TH-17TH CENTURY EUROPE era. This blog CAN NOT be directly cited because … well it is a blog.
  • there will be 4 more articles attached to this order. I over viewed them myself and should contain a good amount of information to expand on the research paper. If you feel like you need to search for more articles, please make sure it is a credible source and to contact me just to let me know

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