1. Read two (2) important scholarly monographs on the subject, ideally monographs written by historians acknowledged as leading experts (or dissenting voices) on topic. Read at least two (2) scholarly book reviews of each book that offer detailed assessments, to learn how these books fit within the literature. I will upload a list of sources you can use. No outside sources.

2. Write a historiographic essay in four (4) pages critiquing the two works. Analyze the author’s interpretations of, and contributions to, knowledge of your topic. Consider the scholarly reception found in the book reviews. Provide your own insights based on what you know. Include reasons why you think as you do. Use brief quotes to back up your points.

3. When analyzing each monograph describe and evaluate:
• its content, essentially what it covers
• its thesis, interpretation, or approach
• the primary sources used as evidence
• the effectiveness of the author’s argument and the use of evidence to support it
• how the author addresses counter evidence
• any relevant details about the author’s affiliation, position, specialty, or previous scholarship
• importance of the monograph to the scholarship on the topic




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