History of Evolution

Write a reflection report on the evolution of plants, viruses or animals. For
example: If you were to choose animals, your report will discuss organisms as they evolve from bacteria to
tetrapod organisms. So, you will need to write a report on the organisms you have worked with, studied or
dissected. The idea is to help you understand how organisms have evolved over the course of time. You can
attach pictures of Prokaryotic cells and what changes they encountered to become Eukaryotic cells, which
include protists, algae, and Fungi. You can then explain the progression of organisms as they evolved from
prokaryotic to eukaryotic organisms. The idea here is to be creative and come up with ideas on how evolution
may have occurred in these organisms. You can also choose organelles, for example, and discuss their
evolution over time. In addition, you can also choose
a. Evolution of plants as they move from water to land

b. Evolution of animals from the simplest to the most complex animals.
The simplest animal is the sponge, Porifera and the complex animal is the mammal. You can discuss different
systems and how they evolved in these animals. For example, you can choose nervous system, cardiovascular
system, skeletal system or any of the systems that we have discussed in class. In addition, you can also post
pictures of the different organisms as they proceed from a simple to a complex organism.
c. You can also talk about viruses that were discussed and relate it to the impact it has had on today’s world.
The format of the paper will be as follows:
Introduction, Results, Discussion and References. The report will be typed using Times New Roman as the
font and size 12 as the font size.
Introduction: The introduction should be giving background information into your report. If you are working with
animals, you should be talking about how animals have evolved from the simplest to the more complex
organisms. It should be written for an audience that wants to learn more about how organisms have evolved
over the course of history.

Sample Solution