History- The Unfinished Nation

1. Discuss three different causes of World War II. Explain the United States role in the War. Do you think each cause played an equal role leading to war? Which, if any, of the causes that you named had the biggest impact?

Explain why the stock market crash of 1929 occurred and tell how it turned into a major Depression. Describe the significant ways in which the Depression affected Americans. What measures did President Herbert Hoover and President Franklin D. Roosevelt take to stabilize the economy and to end the Great Depression? Were their attempts to resolve the economic mayhem in the United States successful?

Discuss the Civil Rights Movement for African American Americans from 1955 to 1965. Describe the challenges that African Americans encountered in the South during that period. What milestones were achieved in the Civil Rights Movement during President Lyndon Johnson’s administration? What happened to the unity of the Movement in 1965? In your opinion, why did this occur?

4. Explain why so many immigrants came to the United States between 1870 and 1910. Discuss at least three problems that the new arrivals encountered when they arrived in the country. Discuss some of the agencies and groups that assisted the immigrants upon their arrival. Explain some of the groups and laws that made life very difficult for them. Compare of immigration in the late 19th century / early 20th century to immigration today.




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