HLF Manufacturing


For this assignment, you are the lead incident commander for a hazardous materials incident similar to those that have been introduced in this course. In this scenario, HLF Polyurethane Manufacturing was undergoing a maintenance activity in which an acid gas feed line segment required replacement. Pressure gauges were not installed in the line to monitor activity or to indicate if the line was operational. Upon initiating the line breaking activity (opening the line to the atmosphere) under self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), there was an uncontrolled release of acid gas. A nearby welding operation provided the ignition source and the flammable gas was ignited. The following actions were initially taken: The evacuation alarm was sounded and the facility emergency response team (ERT) was activated. The plant manager and the local fire department were notified of the incident. The incident command was established at the facility office near the main access gate to the south (this is the furthest distance within the property boundary from the incident location). The incident commander implemented actions required under the approved emergency response plan. The ERT was not able to immediately isolate the source of the incident. The fire department anived on location and assumed the incident command of the event. Additional Relevant Information: The facility encompasses an area measuring 2000 feet by 1400 feet. The nearest residential community is located approximately 1000 feet to the northeast.

A plastic recycling plant is located along the south fence boundary of the refinery. A major interstate highway runs directly parallel to the plant. The ambient temperature on the day of the incident was 85° F and the wind was blowing at 7 mph from the southwest to the northeast. Work crews were scheduled to work 12-hour shifts, 24-hours a day, to complete the incident response. The facility has a trained ERT that can respond to incidents. Your essay must address the following: Summarize the incident. Identify all hazardous materials involved, their classifications and their physical properties. Discuss chemical incompatibility and interactions relevant to this incident. Discuss any short or long term mitigation necessary. Explain how the lead incident commander should respond to this incident based on the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG). Click the link below to access the ERG at the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration 0511 3640, Interactions of Hazardous Materials 3 website: Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. (n.d.). Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG). Retrieved from http://www.phmsa.dot.govihazmatilibraryierg Explain the corrective action plan that should be implemented based on the ERG to prevent a reoccurrence of this event. Your response must be at least one page in length (not counting the cover page or reference page).

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