Write a 1,000–1,225 words paper about 1 of the major hominid fossils in the list below. The paper will follow the current Turabian format, as this is the preferred format for the Society of Biblical Literature. The paper will be divided into the following sections:
1. Title page: see Turabian example found here: https://www.liberty.edu/media/2030/turabianwebsite/visuals/title_pages/Undergrad_Title_Page.pdf
2. Abstract: 100–125 words to summarize the purpose and findings of your paper.
3. “Overview of [Species name]”: 200–250 words documenting the species’ geographic location(s), geologic age (old-Earth terms), and describe its anatomy (including how much is known of its skeleton[s]).
4. “Conventional Understanding of [Species name]”: 200–250 words discussing the interpretation and importance of the fossil within an evolutionary view of origins.
5. “Creationist Understanding of [Species name]”: 400–450 words evaluating perspectives of the fossil from published writings found in young-Earth creation sources. Be sure to reference the sources properly according to Turabian format. Questions to address include: is the fossil considered human or non-human by the sources you cite? On what basis is that decision made? Is there general agreement or disagreement over the placement by different creationist authors?



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