Horror Films and Mass Media in the United States:A Preliminary

Questions for The Ringi1) The first line in The Ring is “I hate television,” what does this mean in context of the film itself,
and horror in general?2) Who is Samara, and why does she kill people?3) What is the function of sex in The Ring?4)
How doe drugs and alcohol function in The Ring?5) Why does Samara wait seven days until she Kills her victirn? What is
the significance of seven?6) How does parenting function in The Ring?7) What kind of person is Noah? Why does Noah
refuse to be a Father to Aiden? What are the consequences?8) What Kind of person is Rachel? What Kind of mother is
she?9) How do horses function in The Ring?10) Why does Samara’s mother Anna Kill her and dump her in the well?11)
Who is Samar as real father, and Why is that so important?12) Why set The Ring in Seattle Washington, What are the
advantages of the Pacific Northwest?13) How does the television set function in The Ring?



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