Hospitality Industry


1. Environmental Management in the Hospitality Industry (25 points)
Choose one of the following industry segments: hotels, restaurants, or events and explain what you have found to be the 5 most significant environmental initiatives utilized by this segment in terms of cost-benefit for the business AND their impact on consumer image and participation. Please site specific industry examples to illustrate your points.

2. Sharing Economy (25 points)
Sharing economy companies in the hospitality industry have been the subject of much controversy. Choose either Uber or Airbnb and outline what the company does, and one recent controversy with which they have been faced. In the long term, do you believe your chosen company will continue to be a threat to the traditional hospitality service providers? Why or why not? Please give reasoned and researched reasons for your response.

3. Millennials as Employees and Guests (25 points)
How is the millennial generation impacting hospitality operations? Discuss 3 ways in which the characteristics of millennials impact hospitality operations in terms of HR management and 3 ways in which the industry is changing to better serve them as guests (e.g. marketing/property design/technology, etc).

4. Loyalty Programs (25 points)
Based on research, outline how loyalty programs influences the consumer decision process in hospitality. Choose one loyalty program in hospitality and outline its benefits. Do you predict that loyalty programs will continue to be a major tactic used by hospitality companies? How will they change in the next 5 to 10 years?




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