Hospitality Law about the FMLA

Employees wishing to take FMLA leave can do so for a variety of reasons. First, identify the most common reasons an employee may request FMLA leave. Then, describe what steps an employee must take to request FMLA leave. Finally, what must an employer do when presented with a request from an employee? May an employer deny FMLA leave, and if so, when?

FMLA leave requires a “serious health condition.” First, in your own words, describe what has to happen before it be determined that an employee, or a family member of an employee, suffers from a “serious health condition.” Then, find a case where an employer challenged whether an employee or family member actually suffered from a “serious health condition” and explain the court’s decision and reasoning.
There are two (2) types of legal claims employees may make when suing an employer under the FMLA. Do your own research and identify these two types of claims. Then, in your own words, describe how the claims are analyzed. In other words, what does an employee have to prove when bringing each type of claim?

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