Hospitality Management

Smiling Clowns, Inc. provides live entertainment for children’s parties, corporate functions and other private events. Smiling Clowns has approximately 75 employees, many of whom work part time. The majority of the employees work as clowns, but the company also employs jugglers, magicians and balloon artists.
Angela Watson wanted to be an entertainer her entire life. She majored in theater in college and trained under Bobo, one of the most famous clowns on the East Coast. Although Angela does not make much money, she normally enjoys her work and sees herself doing this line of work for the foreseeable future.
When she first started working for Smiling Clowns, Angela told her employer that she would go to Balloon School on weekends to learn how to make balloon animals. Angela considers herself more as a thespian, though, and thinks that making balloons is beneath her. Consequently, she has been putting this off, but she is looking forward to attending Clown Camp during the summer so she can fine-tune her clown skills.
Angela seems depressed recently. She has been fighting with her spouse, especially since her husband was laid off from work last March. Money is now very tight in Angela’s household. Angela also recently learned that her mother has cancer. To make matters worse, her beloved cat ran away last week. Normally, Angela can put on a smiling face when at work, but lately, this has been hard to do. On Sunday, Angela broke into tears at a child’s birthday party. Although the parents still tipped Angela, she sensed that they were not happy with her performance. News of this incident made its way back to her employer. Angela’s immediate supervisor, Chris, called her to his office to discuss the incident.
Q1: Do you think that Angela’s situation is salvageable? Is she an employee you would want to retain or fire? Provide reasons for your answers in a short paragraph discussion.
Q2: Write two performance targets to measure Angela’s performance.
Q3: Develop a three steps plan to help Angela improve her performance.

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