Description: Using your own data or secondary dataset or built-in R dataset or data provided by the instructor, this individual assignment requires you to choose an appropriate data analysis / statistical technique / qualitative technique to analyse the data. The choice of analytical technique must be linked to answering the research questions. For example, the choice of a suitable analytical technique will be influenced by theory, the type of data, research objectives and sample size. It is necessary to explain how the raw primary or secondary data have fulfilled basic statistical assumptions, and they are appropriate for your choice of data analysis. This includes data cleaning and handling of missing values as well as outliers. A major part of your data analysis will be hypothesis testing and discussion of implications for theory and practice. The data analysis procedures will be presented in a transparent manner, which allows for replication of the study. In brief, this assignment requires you to: 4 International School of Management PhD/DBA, Research Methods Conduct data analysis using relevant statistical program (e.g., R) or choose an appropriate qualitative technique for your data analysis.

Ensure measures are reliable and valid. Explain the choice of analytical techniques and procedures. Test hypotheses of your study or develop theoretical propositions. Interpret and discuss the results. Discuss theoretical implications and provide managerial
recommendations (i.e., revisit the research problem).



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